Posted by: addictmystory | March 19, 2012

My Journey With Addiction…

The day begins like any other lately – I wake up at 3Am because I cannot sleep. My mind races with anticipation of what the day holds in one hand and frustration and pain in the other. It has been since 1993 since I was drug free – minus the 2 years I took off. I am 37 old and by most everyone’s standards a very functioning drug addict. It is sad that so many suffer and no one knows. I have done every drug known to man but the one that has held me in its clutches is OPIATES – pain meds for the last 8 years. I have been on METHADONE for three of those years and while I worked the program I am now finding it harder to give that up than it was to leave the “pills” behind. Before methadone I would have weeks at a time where I would be sober, but since methadone came into my life I have not been sober one week. I have gradually, over the last 16 months cut my methadone usage down from 160 mg a day to 7mg a day but I cannot get it down lower. Plus my cravings are so intense I am now back on other opiates. My cravings for other illegal drugs has surfaces again too.

I really believe if someone claims not to understand why someone gets addicted to drugs it is usually because they have not tried them.



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