Posted by: addictmystory | April 25, 2012

Quote – Inspirational


“Every man stamps his value on himself… man is made great or small by his own will.” – J.C.F. von Schiller




  1. Glad to see you back!

    • Thank you – I’m also on Twitter – no followers yet….you can be the first if you like….you can say I remember her when…..

      • Absolutely, but I need to know what your name is (on twitter).

      • Twitter @addictmystory

      • Thanks-I’m the first to follow. I think I was anyway. Btw, whos that in the pic?

      • Awe….i’m always mixing new art – that’s a pic from colorthemes.

      • No, no, the mugshot is the one I meant. Or are you saying thats a pic from colorthemes?

      • Yes, that is where i got the mug shot picture…pretty cool…huh

      • Yeah, that is really cool.

      • One more thing, is colorthemes like pixlr? I have been loving that site (pix). You can really do some cool shit with it once you learn how. I usually do a new design about once a month for my blog.

      • Been on a work week from HELL…but in the end I won my C-Level executives over and I am satisified??? That is the question…..NO, because I want to climb this other mountain. METHADONE

    • 😉

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