Posted by: addictmystory | April 26, 2012

4.26.12 – Things that make you go hummmm

The day started out so oridnary….Up at 5:30 AM – Ate a candy bar – yeah that is so good for you. It was a Snickers. Do you even care? Anyway, my point it this week I have been craving sugar like crazy. Another thing methadone does for you is make you eat sugar like a monkey on a banana!! Eventhough, the medical director at the clinics will tell you that it is not the methadone do not listen to them. Your sugar in take regardless of who you are will increase…I am thankful now that my methadone amount is very low so is my sugar in take (normally), but this week for some reason I have been craving it morning, noon, and night!! Anyway, than this also will make you feel sick feeling….it keeps you on the cycle of always detoxing off of something just as hard to kick.



  1. Sure I care 🙂 Don’t I know about the sweets addiction. Oh my…my fav was always cookies and cream BlueBell.

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