Posted by: addictmystory | April 27, 2012

Tonight I spoke to a group about…4.26.12 (thirsty Thursday)

Tonight I spoke to a group of 20, 30, and 40 year olds..both male and female. Many of these folks were high right before my eyes. Many told me the same thing over and over but there I was offering my story in hopes that I could maybe reach just one person. I was invited because everyone knows I will never judge (that is for damn sure). Nothing these people have done or plan to do after I left them would shock me, so they can be honest. For many this is a first in many years…Staying awake from Thursday to Sunday is something I am very familiar with and then sleeping all day on Sunday…going back to work on Monday as if I’m just like everyone else…

One women ask me if I ever use to get paranoid or had friends who did? I tell her yes. I tell her that for years I never had this but then once I started getting paranoid with using it came almost every time I used. I tell her the story of another friend, a dear friend who burned herself late one night (early one morning) because she thought the pilot light in the gas fireplace was a camera or recorder…She got 3rd degree burns on her hands. I tell her once I slept in my dog house because I thought people were in my house. I describe story after story of paranoia so she can tell I am an open book and so just maybe she will not go down the same path. The night I slept in the dog house it was 36 degrees outside and I was without shoes! But I had my drugs to keep me warm. This was 5 years ago. It seems funny now (not in a ha, ha, ha, way).

Others ask me questions about losing friends to drugs..I tell them all the friends I have buried to drugs and how they never thought they’d die. I show pictures of their families crying at their funeral and read the amazing things that their loved ones said about them.

I then read a page of what a call the dumbest things loved ones (parents or friends) can tell you if they would like you to stop using or never start using drugs.

I end the meeting on a positive note about how I know I was given a chance in order to help others.

I have really been called to do this my entire life but I was almost too empty to follow it through…if you or someone you know has a passion for something help them chase it. It does not have to make sense to you. A dream is personal but some times we all need help realizing how to catch our dream, so go ahead chase your dream (and help someone chase their dream too).




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