Posted by: addictmystory | May 16, 2012

WHOOOO HOOOO – Follow Up From Breaking Patterns 5/16/12

My energy is still in need of forcing me through all the things I have to get done at night, but the great news is I feel better for making myself do them. I have been making sure I stay dialed in with family and friends, keep my voice mails checked, return calls and emails (even the not fun ones), and I am still doing all the little things that make the day and morning flow better. I get my things together at night before I go to bed, so in the morning I am not running around all crazy. I am making an effort to clean up all the bills and other parts of my life that before I just let fall wherever…It took me until now to see why this was important and now I am a bit mad at myself for letting it go in the first place. Oh well, I have forgiven myself but man did I make a mess of things…

Also, I am thrilled to report my head hunter landed me an interview with my dream company for this coming Monday!!!! I am preparing like there is no tomorrow. It is critical to my recovery that I leave where I am – Again, the physical pain that it brings to my body is not worth me jeopardizing things. I am also investigating other companies and contacts to see where else I could go incase this does not work out – I have to create my own destiny. I finally am getting it after all these years.

I have also made 2 new goals for myself:

I vowed today to start back meditating – when I was doing this I felt a lot better. It helped me focus on setting goals and obtaining them. And again, I just felt loads better.

Starting today I will stretch for at least 10 minutes a day!! EVERYDAY – For freaks sake it is 10 minutes…and then I would feel loads better.

I learned a long time ago to keep the list simple so you do not overwhelm yourself or else you will not start any of them, so I feel like for me 2 is a great #. If any of you fellow followers would like to join me and make some goals of your own that would be great  – we could help hold one another accountable….


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